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Just wondering if anyone has a pet policy they would like to share?

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Welcome to forums and thanks for contributing. I hope someone comes to your aid. I don’t even have an old one to share with you I’m sorry. Hi Jason, I use the following pet clause in leases. This is in addition to the standard clauses.

If any damage is caused to the premises by the animal, it is the responsibility of the tenant to rectify the damage immediately on request by the agent or prior to vacating the premises.
The premises need to be fumigated for fleas inside and out during the tenancy and when the house is vacated. The carpets will also need to be steam cleaned. The tenant agrees to meet the cost of these services.

Pets at the Property Conditions/Expectations
• Yard Kept Clean• keep the yard clean and free from animal faeces.
• Rubbish Kept Cleared • clean up any rubbish/items scattered by the pet.
• Flea infestation • in the event of any fleas or flea eggs being present as a result of the animal, we will need to arrange for flea fumigation of the property prior to and upon/after vacating the premises. This is at the tenant cost.
• Damage Rectification • repair any damage to the premises caused by the animal, and will protect and immediately rectify any damage caused to garden irrigation systems and fittings.
• Garden Damage • replace plants or vegetation damaged or destroyed by the pet directly, or indirectly (ie. Plants died because a garden Irrigation system was damaged by the pet).
• Additional Pets • other than any pet listed in the lease and approved by the owner, do not keep any other animals of any kind on the rental premises, (even on a short-term or temporary basis), including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, or any other animals.
• Temporary Pets • the tenant will not harbour, substitute or ‘pet-sit’ any other pet, and will remove any of the pet’s offspring within 45 days of birth (should this occur).
• Food and Water • not to leave food for the pet outside the premises where it may attract other animals and/or insects
• By-Laws and Local Council • abide by all local, city or state laws, licensing and health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations.
• Disturbance and Noise • the pet shall not cause any sort of nuisance or disturbance to neighbours. Noise, day or night, must not disturb others.
You must do whatever is necessary to keep the pet from making noise that would annoy others, and will take steps to immediately rectify complaints made by neigbours or other tenants.
• Failure to comply with these terms shall give the owner the right to revoke permission to keep the pet, and is also grounds for further action and possible eviction action.



This is a little out of date, but we did ours as a separate contract (refered to in the TA) I do recommend having them list the name, bread of each pet, so that they cannot get a Pit Bull or a Puppy if the dosile old Lab who only lives outside dies!

Hope this helps, Pet clause.pdf (226.8 KB)


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