Property Me - Software

Hey LPMA’ers!

Wondering who on here is using Property Me…

What were you using prior?

What do you LOVE and LOATHE about it?
Do you use the in-built inspections and maintenance? Or still out-source?

Would love to hear from you… we’re looking at taking the leap but i’d love to get some feedback from the hive if you’re willing to share!

  • Cherie
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Hi Cherie,

We made the move from Console Cloud to PME last year and while PME has some great features - I probably wouldn’t have moved in hindsight.

The reporting and trust accounting is great but functionality from a PM’s point of view is clicky, there’s no compliance workflow (only reminders which isn’t automated) and for us in Victoria, is basically a full time job in itself.
We use inspection express for our inspections and the paperless office within IE for our authorities, leases, renewals etc - no system/platform can compare to IE.

Hopefully this helps and reach out if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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