Prospecting Letters

Him My name is Amy and I am the Divisional manger at LJ Hooker Central West, we are looking to run a series of letters about property management to a selected area in conjunction with a large Sales mail out that is being done over 12 months. I was wondering if anybody had any templates they have sued for this kind of thing in the bast that they would be happy to share


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@jodie.stainton do you have anything which could help Amy?

Hi Amy, it sounds like you’re not focusing on ‘on the market’ but what LPMA calls Channel 3, ‘switching Investors’ (those that you can bring over to LJHooker?)
In Numbers Game - the book on growth by Ben White, he goes through the 4 different Landlord Styles and their hygiene and motivating factors. It would be worth having a look at that to develop the messaging you’re looking for. @ashley.giles will be able to get you a copy of the book.
I can share our ‘on the market letters’ if i’m Wrong and that’s what you’re looking for,


hi @jodie.stainton, can you please let me know where to get this book from too?

@rikki can you please get in touch with Lia and send the book? Lia, literally most of what I do around growth came out of this book and funny enough, it all started out with a bet (which I won :-)). :joy:

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