Providing the right tools

There are many apps that make a huge difference in the productivity of our teams. We saw tenant booking software, such as Tenant Turner and Inspect Real Estate and then saw maintenance management programs such as Property Meld and Maintenance Manager. These all saved crucial time for our teams and allowed then to provide our clients with a much better customer experience.

What other tools are you providing your team to help them to become better at their role and provide a seamless customer experience for your clients?

…and go!

Many LPMA-moons ago I got onto a program called Bomb Bomb. This allows me to record a video and respond to a new business enquiry or an issue that may be presenting at a property.

It can be recorded on our phones, uploaded and sent off directly to the recipient.

I fear I’m a bit old school. This may not be the latest or greatest but have used it for many years.