Reference Requests - seeking an automated approach

Hi all,

We don’t use inspect realestate, but I am wondering what other options are available for processing applications and reference checks with a more automated method. I received the reference requests via email and phone and it is SO easy to provide a reference! i wish it were that easy for us to offer as well without having to subscribe to inspect real estate as we are not interested in the inspection / booking automation. Any alternatives we can use?

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Hi Michelle, Have you considered using - Renti is a free tenancy application solution that has healthy homes, digital signatures, contracts and more embedded within the service.
The part that matters for you would be the ability to control offers via the contract selection process.

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Hi Michelle, the new REA Ignite application processing is pretty easy.


Jodie, I just wanted to say a big thank you! we are up and going with Ignite and it is soooo good! It has made a big difference to the processing times and the admin team love me for it LOL