Selling a rent roll - what to say?

We are in the process of buying a small rent roll. Does anyone have any letter scripts for the selling agency to communicate the change to their Landlords. And any scripts for us to send the new Landlords and tenants?

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@jodie.stainton or @terrihandy would either of you guys have anything tucked away in your box of goodies that might assist @kevin.hodges

Hey @adam - I’ve asked Karen to see whether she’s happy to share. Will let you know when she does. JS :slight_smile:

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Hi Kevin

I haven’t found a letter yet, but I would concentrate on:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why you think you’re the right business owner/leader/business for them
  3. Who’s their property manager?
  4. Who’s your tradespeople and what they offer
  5. What’s in it for them?
  6. What it means for their tenants?
  7. What they need to do/don’t need to do.
  8. When it all takes place
  9. Thank the old business owner

Not necessarily in that order…
Hope this helps you think about it. If it helps, we set out a user journey for the tenants and owners and have emails going out at defined touchpoints too. Perhaps set it out and you’ll then know what you’re wanting to say when. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jodie. Appreciate your suggestions. Kevin