Spotlight: Simon Mason 'Journey to Operational Excellence'


(Jody Gilligan) #1

Simon is an award-winning real estate expert who has transformed the property management division at Jellis Craig Kensington into a vibrant and successful team. The way Simon has improved company culture is no easy feat, and his work has helped produce impressive results across their growth and profitability too. Simon shows how important company culture is to succeed, and gives us some extremely helpful tips on how others can improve.

Watch the video below to hear @simonmason chat through his experiences with LPMA’s fantastic consultant @terrihandy

Both @simonmason and @terrihandy are more than happy to answer any of your questions, so go on… ask away in the comments below! :speech_balloon:

Simon Mason - Presentation PMC2018-compressed.pdf (8.2 MB)

See above slides in full for Simon’s PMC18 session if you missed it, or if you would like to revisit.

*Please note: these slides are being shared for the purpose of internal staff training and development, not for sharing online.

(Ashley Giles) #2

@simonmason a great presentation, thank you for sharing your story! You have built a great business and its wonderful to have you as part of the LPMA community. Thank you!

(Terri Handy) #3

Simon and his team at Jellis Craig Kensington have a great story and are really setting the bar around how they are delivering property management. The Inner North West of Melbourne is incredibly competitive and they are really making inroads into their market.

The type of business they run is a “Machine Business” (refer Connecting the Dots by Ben White) with a strong focus on growth.

I know we all talk about how delivering a high level of service is important, but it is often just talk because it is not easy to define what constitutes “good service” and then be able to deliver it consistently. As an industry, we also talk about the client experience being paramount, however, this is also not easy to describe because each person’s expectations are different.

These guys walk the walk and whilst they openly admit they have a long way to go, they are happy to share what they have learnt and how they do things.

Don’t be shy about asking questions :wink:

(Jeremy Sussex) #4

Thanks @simonmason, some real gems in here! We are going through a similar journey, and I really appreciate your insight and experience! Loved your session at PMC, great job Thanks for sharing.

My question, how do you align the company goals (financial) to that of the culture and team? Also, what do you do to induct your new team to become aligned with this?