Staff Christmas Parties

It is getting to that time of year for Christmas Parties… At Wendell’s we love parties, so we tend to go a little over the top!

This year we went to Waiheke island and did an amazing race style event in teams (because show me a PM who does not love a bit of competition) and ended up at a winery… (things got bury after that, but we all made it home in one piece!)

The above photo shows the winning team (yes that is me in there, not uncommon at all that the winning team was mine… @Mark sorry!)

One of the tasks was to get a photo of one of your team members kissing a man in uniform… Creatively @Mark’s team captured this classy image… but missed the breif! Hahaha

Side note, our team also managed to kiss the rubbish guys, they were having a good day! Haha…

Another task was to get the whole team naked on the nudest beach… (how is that for an awkward team building exercise!) proud to say our team won that one with this creative shot!

Recreating a King Kong scene went to @Mark’s team here with this very good shot! Impressive! Well done guys. (P.S @Mark is the one dressed in the pink wig and ladies PJ’s… Not sure that was a challenge, or is regular dress up but it made the day fun! Hahahaha)

All and i’ll it was a great day, one of our best staff Christmas Parties yet. I would love to know what other offices are doing for their team parties this year, and what was the best and worst that you have done!

:santa: Merry Christmas all…


Oh man… glad I missed it now, @Mark really? haha…

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@jeremy you would have been the one in the Wig and dress I think… (is that not a normal weekend?) :rofl::rofl:

Sorry you could not make it, you were missed!

@jeremy you would have loved it. I looked stunning.

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@ashley.giles was a great day out! Its a shame the competition was rigged from the start though. Funny how the ones who organised it won… Next year we will have our revenge! :wink:

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Challenge accepted! :rofl:

You should have known @Mark that you could never win. You probably should have shaved your legs

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I would have bowed out of my virtirous win @mark if you had shaved your legs for it! Haha


@kelly You and your team at Fast Connect NZ have a great team culture, what are you guys doing this year for your Christmas Party?

Dam, if only i had known! Next time. @ashley.giles

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