Taking care of Staff in Busy Season

Its busy season here in Auckland, its hot, everyone is still trying to remember what their job is after a long break and we are slammed!

This happens every year, as owners we want to try to help. We do lots of things, we have uni students come and assist, we have working bee’s, we share viewing routes and more.

We also fill the fridge in the office with Red Bull’s and the freezer with ice creams for those hot afternoons when you need a reprieve, or a pick me up!

What do you do in your office for your team in busy season? We need some new ideas!


No redbull at one place… only whiskey :wink:

I think it’s all about reinforcing the basics:

  • say I need help a lot more
  • allow a team member to have a power hour and takeover phone and everything else for the space of an hour
  • having someone care for you and ask you to take a break
  • share war stories
  • tweak processes along the way so that at the end of the busy season it works like clockwork
  • give shout outs (or tacos)

for the management team, presence in the process is essential and for me it starts with also very basic questions: “Am I serving you enough, how can I help you more”

the busy season is a test of human connection more than anything else, and if we don’t connect enough as a team, how can we expect our property managers to connect with the tenants and start on the right basis.

I’ve been really impressed by Simon Sinek’s view on leadership and I do believe that in times of struggle, there’s either chance that it will glue a team or break it, and it all starts from the top by how we care for them, how we serve them and how we take it in.

I want them to trust me with the mistakes they do because it’s inevitable with the workload and yet no mistakes is life or death unless they are buried and I can’t do anything about them… And I also intend to check everything major and some minor things too every single day because the quality of service across the board cannot waiver even if the workload is high. Because if that’s the case, you would still be left with a feeling of failure at the end of the season.

We’re also having extra help but the busy season is also for the time when I can check that the processes in place are strong enough to carry us through or change them if it’s not the case and having too much help would dilute the experiment. They are on board with that though which is a good thing.

So yes Bring it On I say!


Is this a good day to mention I am getting ready for a snow storm … :cold_face: