Team structure

Hi All, what structures do you use in your business and find works best?
Pods? in office and on the ground team members? individual property managers with smaller portfolios?
We currently have a mixed bag and are reviewing our structure and would love to know what is working well!
TIA - Christel


Hi Christel, we have a hybrid structure that works very well. This includes a dedicated maintenance manager, routine inspection officer and trust accountant. This allows the property mangers to be placing the importance on building the relationship with the landlord rather than being swamped with maintenance etc. With the software that we use everything is very transparent so it enables ANY of the team members to respond to queries from landlords or tenants as they are able to see all the information needed - perhaps with the exception of high pain points of a SACAT hearing. Feedback from clients is excellent as they can get their answer straight away and not have to wait for a team member to phone back and thus creates less back and forth workload for the individual team member.


We are task based - team of 4 with admin support. Leasing, Office Manager, Maintenance/inspections, Vacates/disputes.
Works well for us as it plays to each person individual strengths. Some PM’s don’t like conflict etc. As we grow though we might need to duplicate this structure into a pod system.

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