Tenant recognition

Just wondering if anyone has any tenant recognition program (awards for tenants) that are working well?


We used to reward tenants after routines by giving the top 3 gift vouchers to local businesses or movie tickets. Havent so much recently though!


We ask owners if they would like to give their tenants a Christmas gift of a grocery voucher. The good tenants get rewarded :slight_smile: . We buy the vouchers and hand deliver (dressed as Christmas fairies and elves) the week before Christmas - good team bonding and good fun! The company makes a charity donation of 5% of the vouchers bought by owners so everyone wins.


Thats a really neat idea. We have a few owners offering to do this.
In 2022 we did a “foodbank” drive and a lot of owners contributed to this. As a company we matched the donation to the value of $3,000 (total)

We ended up raising just over 10k. Definitely a feel-good moment that helped the community in so many ways.

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