Tenant's conducting routine inspections

Hi All,

With NZ and AU going into lockdown similar to that of LA, New York and other affected areas, it is looking more and more that we are going to have to come up with a solution for Tenant’s conducting routine inspections with us (virtually) or by them selves in a framework.

At Wendell’s we have been trialing several ways to do this in the last few days, some are easier than others!

  1. Arrange for a Zoom meeting / facetime with your tenants to walk you through the property. This is good because it means you can say, (Stop, can you go back and look at X) or (Can you please show me under the sink, around the U-Bend) Downside is that its a little “Weired” and not a great experience for the tenants, but a really simple quick fix. We have sent this to insurance companies and they have said this is acceptable as an interim mesasure.

  2. Tenants to complete a Virtual Walkthrough of the property (in their own time) and having them send us this video where we can go through the video in detail and provide a report from here.

  3. Using a tired party software (in our case Inspection Express) to allow the tenants the ability to compete an inspection, upload photos etc and essential “Generate the report”

If you are interested in the latter, they are holding a webinar, click here to register. Otherwise, please feel free to share your own ideas and successes (or failures) so we can all learn from them. I will up-load some of our templates and examples here in the coming days.


Thanks for sharing @ashley.giles

@jodie.stainton mentioned their team at Coronis are doing “online routines” I would love to hear more about this, and how sucessful it is being with your landlords etc.

Hey Ash, really successful with landlords. They just want to know that we’re all over it. They actually like seeing their homes as they may not have seen them for a long time.

There’s a few tips, but I know you’ll go through those in the webinar. :slight_smile: