The property you don't want to manage

Had a request for services in an area we no longer service, sent this reply:

Thank you for reaching out.

I understand you are looking to purchase a property located at  1612 Hunter Street Harrisburg, PA 

We no longer manage in this area.  This is for the following reasons. 

1. Your maintenance cost will be around 20% of prospective income.
2. The odds that a tenant who chooses to live in this neighborhood needs to be evicted is greater then 50% (Sorry well qualified tenants live elsewhere)

3. It is dangerous for us to send our leasing professionals into that area.
4. Sale history on the property clearly demo's this house was sold a sheriff sale, bank bought it and then a flipper.  They have had it 4 since august and are ready to bail. (they paid 9k)

My advice is if you do not own it run. If you have a deposit on it run even if you loose the deposit.
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Wow, thats harsh. Is the area really that bad that you won’t send your team in there? I think its great that you made a decision not to operate in that area bases on the safety of your team and the quality of the tenants you attract

Yes it is really that bad.

Is this the area you live in @adam???


But, love the honest feedback @glenn better to be upfront than put your business or your team through that kind of thing!

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Interesting fact 2 days later the agent who was selling them the property called and ask me if I would pay for a property management referral for the same person. :rofl: