Viewing no shows

Does anyone have a miracle cure for no shows at viewings?

Its not uncommon for our PMs to organize a viewing, only for none of the prospective tenants to show up. Very frustrating!

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Hi Oliver.

For the leasing agent, we normally have them call the person they are going to meet before they leave for the property (i.e. 30 minutes to go). If they do not answer or call back, then they do not go. The amount of time varies depending on how long it takes to get to the property so you want to verify a person is coming before you leave (maybe call the person 40 minutes before if it takes 30 minutes to get to the property).

I hope that helps!



No magic solution - unfortunately
Had a tenant arrange an inspection for the same day and still did not show up
2 out of 3 no showed for yesterday’s inspection


We have a viewing bookings system with automated text reminders on the day, If there are only 1 or 2 people booked we follow up with a call during the hour prior to the viewing.


I aggree with @julie, since putting in a digital system (with reminders and an easy cancel option) it has reduced our no-show rate significantly.

Becase tenants can cancel via text at the time of reminder, it means its very rare we attend and no-one shows up. We use Viewing Tracker (via trade me $50 per month) but IRE have a much better system, but it just does not sync with Trademe, and is about 4x the price.


We use Inspect Real Estate too and the regular reminders to tenants do work really well - because quite often it slips their mind to cancel when they can no longer make the appointment - However we still do have some no-shows


Appreciate all of the feedback.
We currently use Viewing Tracker and have done for quite some years however have noticed the “no-shows” over the last 8 - 12 months has just risen dramatically.
Sounds like even with these systems and reminders its still a constant issue across the board