Web Chat Bot - integration

(Glenn Lehman) #1

I am trying to replace our current Web chat box with a box that connects to Slack.

I have looked at two options, both are way to expensive. (Drift and Intercom)

Does anyone have suggestions for this?

(Ashley Giles) #2

We use Intercom, its good but it is expensive. I have not looked at Drift…

@terrihandy, do you have any recommendations for this tool?

(Terri Handy) #3

Sorry Ash, definitely not my area of expertise. Not sure who you would contact either - sorry!

(Glenn Lehman) #4

Everything I can find is 350 a month or more - or requires a lot of technical interaction.

It sure cost a lot of money to fake good service.

We will stay real for now.

(Ashley Giles) #5

Thanks for sharing Glen, I have just been told that at LPMA we have pulled our web bot because we’re not able to offer the response time we are happy with. Unless you have a decent AI being to answer level 1 questions, the posts can go un-answered for too long and therefore simply frustrate clients. I would love to know how to solve this for a PM company, (would you have your Receptionist do it? or does it go to everyone, then there is an issue with who replies etc)

:point_up: The above is a great article of the top trends predicted for chat bots in 2019. Also, a great blog to sign up to. Happy botting…

(Marine Funfrock) #6

Hello! I’ve only seen bots being used in FB messenger and they are quite amazing if you take them for marketing purposes. Before, we were giving our emails to receive freebies, now we get them by FB messenger and we are taken from where we are as a consumer and told to perform various actions for specific results.

It’s taken the marketing rule that “if a lead answers yes or positively 3 times before you ask the actual money generating question it will be harder for them to say no” to the next level. I’ve got plenty of them on my Messenger just because it fascinates me to see how these gurus are taking us to where they want and close a sale seamlessly and on automation.

The main thing regarding the ROI on bots is not just the price you pay per month but how it integrates your marketing strategy and what’s the path you want your cold leads to follow. I don’t actually see how you could use this for any enquiries with a lot of results. The best way these work is by accessing cold leads (usually because you have a freebie for them to subscribe to) and then stay present in their minds and giving your expertise. By developing your authority in a different way you would then create a hub of people knowing what you do and who you are. In that sense it’s worth a lot in terms of branding.

That’s what I can see from those who use these bots in a very efficient way. It’s fascinating to say the least.

Oh and of course if the bot prompts the lead to see a facebook video that you would have conveniently put into your facebook page, you can then use the leads profile as an “avatar” for your Facebook Ads… As I say, it’s really fascinating!

Happy Christmas everyone!

(Jeremy Sussex) #7

we don’t use anything but would love to know where this lands as we have been looking at adding this to our new website.

(Jodie Stainton) #8

Currently have our receptionists manning our chat area. We just received 12 new managements this month from having the webchat. The story goes like this, one of our BDMs sent an OTM letter twice and left 2 messages. Finally on the third week, the owner had had enough. He went to the website and found the chat area. Sent a direct message through and about 2 hours later, we had 12 new managements. :slight_smile: