Work Health & Safety During COVID

Hey all,

Just a thought as we slowly progress towards a less locked down life.

COVID has created an exceptional set of circumstances for everyone and quite rightly we have been concerned with our employees’ safety. As we move into a new phase of life with COVID, I am in the process of working up a new procedure that will take us forward into that new life and I am happy to share a more generic template (based at the federal level) should anyone want to have a bit of a look.

I’m about half way thru it but it should be ready by late next week if anyone is interested.

Regards Russ

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Hi Russ
I am in WA and until now we have been living a normal life, we are just starting to see omicron in our community so I’m guessing it will not be long until we are seeing a lot more cases. Does your policy address routine inspections and property viewings? As I am in the mist of putting something together to keep my team safe. Thanks lyn

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Hey Lyn,

So sorry for the late reply. I’m guessing you will have already finalised your policy however I thought I would just drop in the headlines for you to compare. (Our policy also covers the 3 separate companies that I am the GM for so will be a bit different to just a PM policy.) Of course your WA Govt will no doubt have different ideas to ours.

So matters I focused on were:

What happens if the tenant is quarantining or in isolation?
Can tradespeople enter a rental property for repairs?
Can a property manager/owner ask the tenant to do a virtual inspection?
Can a tenant request to know the vaccination status of the property manager/owner, a tradesperson or people attending an inspection?
Can a property manager/owner request a tenant vacating a rental property who has had COVID-19 or been in quarantine to do additional cleaning?
What happens if the tenant is due to vacate and then forced to isolate?

With regard to routine/open inspections:

In QLD, since April 2021, the normal rules for entry to a property have applied in the main. This means that tenants cannot refuse entry to their home for non-essential reasons such as routine inspections, so it’s all systems go.

However, during a period of COVID-19 lockdown, when the QLD Chief Health Officer’s directions advise that movement has to be limited during that particualr lockdown period, tenants, property managers/owners are encouraged to work together to delay any non-essential entry and only permit essential entry to occur (for example, to attend to emergency repairs and maintenance). If work can be delayed, we have delayed it until after lockdown.

If a tenant is concerned about a member of the household with a higher risk profile being exposed to COVID-19, we ask that they discuss these concerns with the property manager.

It is important that all parties communicate openly and respectfully. Remember, any entry into rental properties must be in line with public health directions and advice as well as legislation.

I hope that helps a bit.

Regards Russ

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